PLCC 3528 Pink

The pink light PLCC 3528 has a specially tailored spectral distribution which is suitable for using in supermarket as food lighting. PLCC 3528 Pink Series can make food looks fresh and appetizing, especially in meat and bakeries lightings. Besides, because the color of pink light PLCC 3528 is pastel, it can be used in indoor scenarios lighting and increase the diversity of lighting applications.

Features :
■ With specially tailored spectral distribution, it can make food looks fresh and appetizing.
■ Compared to the traditional fluorescent light source, it is much more energy efficient and long life.

Applications :
■ Bakeries
■ Supermarkets
■ Indoor scenarios lighting

Status Order Code Color CCT(K)
CRI LM80  
2T03Y6PX18000001 X 0.379 Y 0.314 0.06 20 3.4 6.1lm 80 No  


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