EdiPower CM Series

EdiPower® II CM series can provide different operating powers and different colors. They serve as optical engine and can be utilized in general lighting and special lighting applications, such as MR16 and projectors. Furthermore, the high CRI options allow the customers to optimize the effect in various fields such as interior architecture.

Features :
■ LED light engine
■ High power operation
■ Offers a variety of watts for choosing

Applications :
■ General lighting
■ Architectural Lighting
■ Sopt Light

Status Order Code Color CCT(K)
CRI LM80  
2PCM03CW11P26001 6500K 1~3W 300 10.4 285lm 80 No
2PCM03NW11P26001 4000K 1~3W 300 10.4 285lm 80 No
2PCM03WW11P26001 3000K 1~3W 300 10.4 280lm 80 No
2PCM06CW11P26001 6500K 3~6W 300 20.6 565lm 80 No
2PCM06NW11P26001 4000K 3~6W 300 20.6 555lm 80 No
2PCM06WW11P26001 3000K 3~6W 300 20.6 535lm 80 No
2PCM09CW11P26001 6500K 4~9W 300 30.8 830lm 80 No
2PCM09NW11P26001 4000K 4~9W 300 30.8 830lm 80 No
2PCM09WW11P26001 3000K 4~9W 300 30.8 795lm 80 No

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