EdiPower HM Series (PAR)

For PAR lamps applications, Edison Opto has launched 9W / 13W types with patented materials. Under Tc=25°C, the efficacy of 3000K type can reach 115 lm/W. All types of 9W / 13W are suitable for PAR20, PAR30, PAR38 and other spot lights. The CRI of HM series are higher than 80. And all products of this series comply with the criteria of 3-step MacAdam ellipse, ERP and Energy Star (R9>0).

Features :
■ Better thermal dissipation performance
■ Low assembly costs
Residentail lighting
■ Excellent light uniformity

Applications :
■ Retail and shop lighting

■ Residentail lighting
■ PAR lamps and spot lights

Status Order Code Color CCT(K)
CRI LM80  
2PHM13CW27P12003 5000~10000K 13 360 34.1 1410lm 80 No  
2PHM13NW27P12003 3800~5000K 13 360 34.1 1415lm 80 No  
2PHM13WW27P12003 2670~3800K 13 360 34.1 1270lm 80 No  

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